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Company Philosophy  

Snow Dragon Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in CNC equipment research and development, manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprises. The company's overall strength: the college graduates accounted for more than 50% engineering and technical personnel, with more than 10 years of experience in the PCB industry accounted for more than 15%.

XUELONG NC equipment by Xuelong Technology Investment Company Limited (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. officially established a factory in 2000, is located in Henggang town of Longgang District of Shenzhen city. The company mainly produces multiple high-speed drilling and milling machine, automatic target drone, engraving machine, glue machine, PCB dry process of professional equipment.

The company has perfect quality management system; the project has a professional R & D department; technical team has more than 10 years of rich experience; with strict quality procedures and testing equipment. The equipment for each qualified factory provides quality assurance. We have been convinced the most perfect customer service customer service, to eliminate any menace from the "rear" is our mission and responsibility. It also makes our customers become the most trusted friends and partners.

We firmly believe that: snow tomorrow will be because you have the attention and support of better!

CNC drilling & routing
R & D, Production, Detection capability  

澳门银河网娱乐网址R & D capability

Concept: the bold use of new technologies, new materials, new technology, continuous improvement design, leading the new industry standard technology.

澳门银河网娱乐网址Talent: by train a group engaged in Xuelong NC circuit board industry for more than 10 years experience of engineers, consultants and more than 50% of the high degree of technical talents, build a team has been added.

Project: electronic and information engineering, software, machine vision, machine, material, optics, automatic control etc..


The assembly hall covers an area of 1000 square meters, covers an area of 1000 square meters exhibition hall, to ensure rapid, accurate delivery period.

澳门银河网娱乐网址Detection ability

With the best quality assurance equipment OPTEK, the detection ability of OPTEK (precision + 0.003mm)

Target drone
High quality service system  

Snow Dragon technology to provide a perfect service system for you. Sales: the purchase by professional engineers accompanied the prototype, choose their own products. Sales: door-to-door delivery, free installation, commissioning, training by professional engineers. Customer service: responsible for the product, to provide all-weather service, in accordance with their commitment to service warranty. One year warranty, life-long maintenance, enjoy free software upgrades.

Market development  

Contribute to the society with honesty, gratitude and pragmatic philosophy.

澳门银河网娱乐网址We have a strong marketing network, each PCB customer perceived personality.

To meet the various needs of customers, to help customers succeed is our only goal in marketing work. Over the years, the marketing staff Xuelong NC PCB customer trials and hardships, tirelessly around the.

Analysis of market trends, understand the market demand, listening to the voice of the customer, to provide high-quality customer service and extensive support services, driving up a company and customer market, mutual understanding, trust, support and cooperation of the bridge.

CNC drilling & routing
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